Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Force Has Come!!

The Force is here. Can you feel it?

Yes... that Force. George Lucas' Force. Star Wars Force. It's real, just as I dreamed it was when I was a little boy.

I just didn't think it would be squirrels who first harnessed the power of the Force.

Nor did I think they would be so proficient with a light saber.

I can totally hear that Duel of the Fates theme from the prequels pounding out over the back of this scene.

See, you may think I'm joking about the Force having come to the real world and squirrels having mastered the art of light saber fighting... because I am.

But it's not so far fetched. I mean... seriously people. Think about the movies. They were always very racially diverse in handing out Jedi abilities. There are all sorts of strange animal creatures that are Jedi in the prequels. Hairy ones... slimy ones... Yoda ones.

If the Force were real...if Jedi were real... who's to say that only humans would make up their ranks? Why not a squirrel Jedi? Or a grizzly bear Jedi? Or a tarantula Jedi?

Which gives me an idea: someone (and by "someone," I mean a person with Photoshop skills and with much less laziness than me) needs to take this photo concept and run with it...find nature pictures of all kinds and digitally plug in light sabers. Boom! Instant greatness. I can see it now, two white mountain goats in mid-air, with light sabers in their horns. I want to see all kinds of wild beasts locked in light saber battle.

Regardless of what your beliefs are on the Force and Jedi abilities for animals... I think you'll agree that the photo is maybe the second greatest thing of all time.

Go here to see the full photo on Flickr, including all the comments.

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