Wednesday, April 18, 2007

"Shields Up, Mr. Scott."

Wow! Scientists are talking about creating a Star-Trek-like magnetic shield that might allow astronauts to be protected from radiation in space. Now if only they could create actual starships.

The picture above is the actual picture used in the BBC News article--extra awesome!

From the article:
"They argue that magnetic shields could be deployed around spacecraft and on the surfaces of planets to deflect harmful energised particles."

I don't care how they do it...I just want one. I want one on my car, and I want one on every car in my city, and on all the roads and guard rails and houses and telephone poles. Then, driving would become like bumper bowling...and we could go as fast as we want and not even aim much and we'd just "bounce" off everything (since everything has a Star Trek shield on it). It would probably double the length of time it takes for my commute, but all the bouncy hilarity would be worth it.

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